Ha Long Shore Excursions 

Ha Long Shore Excursions

Welcome to Ha Long - the new Wonder of the World. DMC Asia is making various shore excursions. From discovering the hidden gems of Ha Long by the legendary stories on a private junk to taking a long trip to Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam and wallowing yourself deeply in the typical Northern lifestyle by Halong Countryside tour... and many more options you could pick up. Check it out. 


Ha Long is the capital city and 1st-class provincial city of Quảng Ninh ProvinceVietnam. The name Hạ Long means "descending dragon". The city was created in 1993, when the old capital, Hòn Gai, was merged with Bãi Cháy– the main tourist area. The city mainly lies on Hạ Long Bay. It is located at about 178 km east of Hanoi. The population in 2013 was 227,000.

The city's economy has recently switched from coal mining to tourism, due to a large number of visitors drawn by the Hạ Long Islets every year. At present Hạ Long is experiencing rapid growth not only in the tourism sphere but as a place upon the main road to southern China. In 2007 Vietnam-China Business Forum, a $400 million deal was signed to build a highway linking Hạ Long, Móng Cái and Quảng Ninh.

Ha Long city is divided into two parts: East Hạ Long and West Hạ Long. The eastern part, Hòn Gai, where most of the official buildings and industry are concentrated, is connected by bridge with the western part, Bãi Cháy, considered to be more of a tourist attraction.

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