Cu Chi Tunnels for Small-Group Tour | Half-day tour

Book the Private Group guided by experience tour guide. Explore the huge underground network of Cu Chi Tunnels

Duration: 5 hours

Topic: Sighseeing Tour,Cultural Tour

Activities: Moderate

Destination: Saigon - Ho Chi Minh city

From $45.00

Imagine spending your days living in underground tunnels, only able to come out at night when the sun is down - that's what the people of Cu Chi did nearly 50 years ago during the Vietnam War.
8:00 AM for the Morning Tour
Start with convenient pickup from your hotel in center Ho Chi Minh city. Heading out of town to Cu Chi Tunnels. Along the way we will pass by the scenic local countryside, where you might even spot ducks and buffalo cooling off in the river.
After a 1.5-hour car ride. We arrive at Cu Chi Tunnels, where you will:
  • Watch a documentary film that takes you to the past with an introduction to the Cu Chi Tunnels.
  • Guided walking through the kitchens, living quarters, and a meeting room, bunkers on the way. 
  • Crawl short distances through the tunnels that were used by the guerrilla fighters during the Vietnam War. You may see a The tunnels have been enlarged so visitors can crawl through them, imagine what it must have been like before!
  • Learn about how different types of booby trap - the symbol of guerrilla warfare - were created and set up.
  • Visit the weapons room and learn how the ingenious Viet Cong soldiers made them.
  • Get adventurous and go to the shooting range to fire a real AK-47. The cost for the bullets is not included in this price.
At 1:00PM Head back Ho Chi Minh city. Arrive at around: 2:30PM (for the morning Tour)
At 5:00PM Head back Ho Chi Minh city. Arrive at around 6:30PM (for the afternoon Tour)

  • Explore the huge underground network of Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Crawl short distances through the tunnels
  • Learn about how different types of booby trap
  • Get adventurous and go to the shooting range to fire AK-47
  • Engaging commentary from helpful guide offered along the way


  • Entrance fee
  • English speaking local guide (or other languages if requested)
  • Tours and transfers as mentioned by private air-conditioned vehicle


  • Tips, drinks and other personal expenditures
  • Shooting range fees

  • Prepare some light food and drink before you go
  • Bring insect repellent and dress properly because there are many mosquitos there
  • The tunnels are quite narrow and easy to get lost. It’s better to follow the staff’s instructions.
  • Guests should be in good physical condition and fitness to follow the group.

Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, you have a chance to witness its unique architecture and structure as well as understand why it plays an important role in Vietnam’s history.

Believe it or not, there were hospitals, schools, theatres, kitchens, all built into this extraordinary tunnel network. The entrances to these tunnels were covered with a secret wooden door and camouflage leaves above. Its size is so small that only the Vietnamese could fit in. 

In the tunnel system, there are some special closed-door buttons set up in different places to prevent the enemy and toxic gas. The soldiers also carved unrevealed ventilation vents onto the ground and camouflaged them extremely discreetly. Also, there are many skillful deadly and dangerous traps that were arranged to keep safe for those insides.

For a long time, the Cu Chi Tunnels remains multi-tiered architecture with 3 separate levels: the first floor (about 3 meters underneath the ground), the next one (about 6 meters), and the bottom which is deeper (more than 12 meters). For safety reasons, visitors can only visit the first level and some more meters of these tunnels which have been widened. 

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